About us

Executive  Directors


Mariam  Abdul   Chairperson


Farida Kamene     Secretary


Josephine Mumo   Treasurer

Stara Peace Women Organization is located in Makina, Kibera. Kibera, having an estimated area of 16 square kilometers, is the largest slum in Kenya. It is located in Langata division in Southwest Nairobi and is approximately 5 kilometers away from the city centre. It is divided into villages: Gatwekera, Kianda , Kisumu Ndogo, Laini Saba, Lindi, Siranga/Undugu, Soweto, Kichinjio, DC, Makina, Makongeni and Mashimoni.

According to a well-known expert on urban slums named Mike Davis in The Planet of Slums (2006), Kibera had an overwhelming population of about 800, 000 people. Most of the residents live below the poverty line. Instead of being sent to schools, thousands of children loiter, prostitute, early marriage, sodomize, beg, scavenge and steal for a living as their parents/guardians are unable to afford school fees.

Our mission
To effectively respond to community’s need through caring for the disadvantaged.

Our vision
To continue assisting the needy people and children who need Education, care and especially the HIV\AIDS victims.

To educate, feed as well as offer life skills and psychological services to orphans, neglected, abused and abandoned children, to empower girls to have a better future.

 Registered as a non – governmental organization under the NGO act in the year 2000, and as Ministry of labor social Security services in year 2004.


Josephine Mumo was awarded by United Nations in Kenya in 2007 for her leadership and commitment in the difficult circumstances of Kibera.

Josephine Mumo presented with a souvenir by the United States of America Under-Secretary Mr.  Tom Vilsack.

Also attended a summit in Italy on  No Child goes hungry by 2015.

Josephine Mumo, Farida Kamene and Mariam Abdul were awarded by Childslife.

International, Yearly Appreciation.  Reads “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Managed to educate two boys to university level.