Secondary Sponsorship for best class 8 performers

Secondary Sponsorship for best class 8 performers

Secondary Sponsorship for best class 8 performers

Picture above are two of our 2016 candidates who received sponsorship to go an study in secondary schools. One of them was admitted at Langata Boys High School while the other is admitted to Vihiga Boys High school.



An important aspect of the  Relocation Plan that was explained to Stara Rescue Centre and School by Kenya Railways Corporation officials is the following:

In 2010 an assessment and evaluation of the “to be evicted” people (including kiosks, schools) and registration for the relocation took place. On grounds of those numbers, the actual housing plan was drawn up. To accommodate all registered people in the new housing, the complete stretch along the railways through Kibera (in our case) is required including Stara Rescue Centre and School area. Furthermore, a study was done that established that all students attending informal schools along the railway line could be accommodated in other public schools around.

Therefore, as per the Project Implementation, even if Stara Rescue Centre and School facilities could be accommodated within the 10m stretch, the “Stara Rescue Centre and School” land would be taken away for the housing construction and students would be integrated into other Public schools.

As regards Stara Rescue Centre and School, possible options have been discussed  during the recent visit of Roger Cottier, Chairman of the Swiss STARA Foundation and Achitect, with a number of people. A site plan was drawn up which shows how all Stara Rescue Centre and School buildings could be accommodated within that 10 m stretch, by using all currently used land.  The plan is also to construct a hostel for a number of girls.  The  plan clearly shows which buildings, or parts thereof, would be demolished by Kenya Railways Corporation and how they would be rebuilt within the 10m.

Meanwhile, Stara Rescue Centre and School has received 3 months notice by Kenya Railways Corporation.

The first aim is to maintain the school and guarantee its survival. The Swiss sponsors are willing to invest in moving and  rebuilding structures. However, this requires a firm commitment by Kenya Railways that Stara Rescue Centre and School can utilize the full 10 m stretch and remain there. 

Swiss Association  have been talking  with various people involved with the Resettlement Scheme etc. and will also seek to discuss with Government of Kenya.

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